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  1. Where are you located?
  2. What is a Core Charge?
  3. Pricing Disclaimer
  4. Is there a warranty on parts?
  5. I was told that my parts are on backorder. Why?

Q: Where are you located?

We’re located in Jackson, Michigan which is in south central Michigan.

Q: What is a Core Charge?

Some parts you purchase require you to send in the old part. The core charge is a deposit that is refunded back to you when the old part is received by us.

Q: Pricing Disclaimer

We do everything we can to ensure that the prices our site are correct, for our products and for those sold through us from multiple manufacturers. Sometimes errors are made. Products prices from so many manufacturers can change on a daily basis. Part #'s can change - be superseded - be on back-order - or may even be no longer available.

Prices may be changed at any time without notice and we reserve the right to change our product's prices at any time without further notice. However, if you have ordered a part or product that is no longer available, has changed in price or was priced in error - this can be handled in a few different ways:

  • We will always try to come to an agreement on the changed cost or even a discount off the correct cost if a product was priced in error.
  • If a product has been superseded we will either try to send out the updated part for a matched price or contact you if the price difference between the two is too great.
  • If a product has gone into back-order status we will contact you with an estimated time the part will be available again or to see if a similar part will work if available.
  • If a product is no longer available we will contact you to see if a similar part will work and an agreement on cost can be made.
  • If an agreement cannot be reached, for any reason, the full cost of the order will be refunded before the order is canceled.

Mike’s Diesel is not liable or obligated to sell a product at an advertised price if the pricing was made in error. We try very hard to keep our prices competitive and fair but DO NOT condone the use of bait-and-switch tactics. Please understand that mistakes can be made and we will always try to work with a customer or client to come to an amicable agreement.

Q: Is there a warranty on parts?

Warranties will vary by manufacturer depending on the part. Please refer to the warranty section in the description of the individual part.

Q: I was told that my parts are on backorder. Why?

Occasionally the manufacturers we order our parts from can run into production problems that may prevent us from keeping those items on our shelf at all times. If you order an item that we don't have in stock, we'll contact you to let you know that your order has been placed on backorder. This means that we intend to fill your order as soon as your item(s) are available.